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Hotpoint HR605BH 60cm Ceramic Hob - Black

Hotpoint HR605BH 60cm Ceramic Hob - Black
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Hotpoint HR605BH 60cm Ceramic Hob - Black
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Key features

  • Special Functions - for an ideal cooking temperature
  • Dual Zone Feature - select low or high power
  • Residual Heat Indicator - lets you know the hob is hot
  • Timer Function - choose when your hob comes on

The item will need the following connection(s)

  • Electric Electric

Product Dimensions

  • Height: 4.6 cm
  • Width: 58 cm
  • Depth: 51 cm
  • This smart, sleek ceramic hob is practical and stylish, with a variety of features to make cooking quick and easy. As a built-in model, it lies evenly with kitchen counters, adding contemporary elegance to your kitchen.

    Smart and Stylish Frameless Design

    With four radiant cooking zones, this Hotpoint hob suits a range of purposes. The spacious 58 cm width gives space for different size saucepans – while the dual zone feature allows you to select low power for small pots or max power for large pots on the same zone.

    Intuitive front touch controls let you alter the hob’s temperature across nine different power levels, giving you more cooking precision. Even better, the timer function lets you choose when you want your hob to come on, and at what temperature.

    Keeping traditional hobs from getting dirty is often a hassle, but the HR605BH’s ceramic surface makes it much easier to clean. Without pan supports or raised heating elements, it takes next to no effort to get the hob sparkling. Just a quick wipe down removes all your cooking grime, leaving the cooking surface spotless. The black ceramic surface also looks stunning, with a minimalist design that helps accentuate the look of your kitchen.

    On top of all this, the HR605BH helps you to cook food to its best. Alongside the dynamic temperature controls, this Hotpoint hob boasts special functions – so you can achieve the ideal temperature for boiling water or melting chocolate quickly.

    Easy, Practical and Safe

    Electric hobs avoid the hazards that come with using gas and open flames, while the child lock stops little ones from changing the settings.

    You’ll also find residual heat indicators on the Hotpoint HR605BH, which light up when the cooking zones are still hot to touch. These help to prevent items, or hands, coming into contact with a hot surface, and even work after you have turned off the controls.

    If the hob has been left on too long, there’s an auto shut off function, helping you prevent accidents. The timeframe depends on the power setting – only one hour at the highest setting, and 10 hours at the lowest. This way, you can be sure your hob won’t turn off while you’re leaving something to simmer.

    Save time on cooking and cleaning with this fabulously stylish Hotpoint electric hob. The HR605BH is exclusive to Euronics and Agent stores, so you won’t find it anywhere else. Order yours today.

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