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Siemens WM14T492GB 9kg 1400 Spin 5 year Warranty

Siemens  WM14T492GB 9kg 1400 Spin 5 year Warranty
Siemens  WM14T492GB 9kg 1400 Spin 5 year Warranty
Siemens  WM14T492GB 9kg 1400 Spin 5 year Warranty
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Siemens  WM14T492GB 9kg 1400 Spin 5 year Warranty
Siemens  WM14T492GB 9kg 1400 Spin 5 year Warranty
Siemens  WM14T492GB 9kg 1400 Spin 5 year Warranty
Siemens WM14T492GB 9kg 1400 Spin 5 year Warranty
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Key features

  • Fully electronic metal control dial for wash programmes, temperature and special programmes
  • waterPerfect Plus: water management system
  • Indication of energy consumption prior to start of programme
  • Reload function: Pause the already running washing machine to add any forgotten items of laundry to the drum.

The item will need the following connection(s)

  • Water Water
  • Electric Electric

Product Dimensions

  • Height: 84.8 cm
  • Width: 59.8 cm
  • Depth: 59 cm
  • The WM14T492GB is ideal for larger families, thanks to its spacious 9 kg capacity. With a multitude of programmes to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this freestanding appliance.

    varioPerfect Technology

    The innovative varioPerfect function gives you ultimate flexibility, allowing you to choose easily between a speedy cycle or one that’s energy efficient.

    If you need your laundry clean again quickly, the speedPerfect option can save up to 65% of the time, depending on the selected wash programme.

    When using the ecoPerfect setting, your washing machine's energy consumption is reduced by up to 50%. Both options can be used in conjunction with all standard and special programmes, excluding wool and 15 minute fast washes.

    Outstanding Features

    The WM14T492GB has an A+++ -30% energy rating, so you can be rest assured that it will save you money on your energy bills in the long run.

    For ultimate loading accuracy and perfect wash performance, take advantage of the autoLoad Plus feature. This uses a sensor that weighs the load and suggests the correct detergent dosage, as well as monitoring the cycle’s amount of energy and water.

    Or, of you select a programme, a consumption indicator shows the water and electricity it will use. You can then run that programme or choose to select a programme with a lower consumption.

    There’s a wide 32 cm porthole and the door opens at a 165° angle, allowing for easy loading and unloading of the machine. When the washing machine is in use, the child lock keeps those wondering hands safe, and prevents the cycle from being disrupted. If the volume of foam in the wash is too high, then the Foam Detection System will activate additional rinse cycles to eliminate it.

    The spin speed is 1400 rpm, which extracts as much water from your clothes as possible during the spin cycle. Plus, the IQ motor drive technology ensures a quieter wash, and saves on wear and tear.

    ReLoad Function

    Imagine you've just put on a white wash, and as you walk past, a bright red sock spins past the porthole. Luckily, this Siemens extraKlasse washing machine comes with an excellent Reload function, which allows you to stop the programme and remove the offending item. You can also add items, just in case you dropped something on the way to the washing machine.


    There are 15 wash programmes on the WM14T492GB, designed to clean your clothes to perfection. Whether your clothes are heavily soiled, contain delicate materials or need cleaning in a hurry, there’s a wash programme to suit every situation:

    • Cottons
    • EasyCare
    • Rapid 15 and Rapid 60
    • Wool
    • Delicates silk
    • Dark wash
    • Shirts/Blouses
    • Mixed fabrics
    • Hand wash/Wool

    There’s even a textile guard re-proofing programme, which gently waterproofs outdoor textile garments. Choose from these programmes and a 24 hour time delay option on the large LED display – or why not take a look at the cycle’s progress and load recommendation? 

    This Siemens extraKlasse washing machine is an exclusive product, available only at Euronics and Agent stores. It comes in a white design, with stunning silver detail. Why not add this fantastic appliance to your basket today?

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