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08 Jun LG is planning 48-inch OLEDs to compete with smaller televisions
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LG is looking to expand the model sizes of its OLED panels, with plans to start manufacturing 48-inch varieties over the coming years.The plans were announced at this week's OLED Korea conference, where LG and its manufacturing partners took to the stage to lay out the future of OLED TV in today's crowded television market. It comes only weeks afte..
27 May TV Display Complete at John Kerry and sons
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Tv Display complete  at john Kerry and Sons stonehouse.With Tv's from all the top manufacturers inc Sony,Samsung,LG  and LinsarTv's starting from just over £100  with a 5 year warranty and Free delivery...
26 Mar BEKO THE UK’S ‘NUMBER ONE LARGE HOME APPLIANCE BRAND available at John Kerry and Sons
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Beko is now officially the ‘number one large home appliance brand in the UK’, according to new data from Euromonitor, the independent provider of strategic market research.After thorough analysis, the body awarded the title to Beko, noting its fantastic sales performance throughout 2018.Head of Marketing at Beko Plc UK & Ireland, Keval Shah, commen..
17 Mar LG Electronics is now rolling out its 2019 premium TV lineup, featuring advanced OLED and NanoCell TVs.
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LG Electronics is now rolling out its 2019 premium TV lineup, featuring advanced OLED and NanoCell TVs.This year, OLED models will make up 20 per cent of the company’s high-end TV portfolio and with demand for OLED TVs expected to grow to 3.6 million units this year, seven million units in 2020 and 10 million in 2021, LG expects to extend its leade..
15 Mar Venting Hobs a Breath of Fresh Air
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A kitchen to breathe inPremium, space-saving and designed with creative cooks in mind.Neff  FlexInduction Venting Hob frees you to place the hob wherever you want, whether it be on a kitchen island or in front of a window. With no hood in the way, there’s nothing to block your view or creativity.With a stylish cast-iron grate placed over the hood, ..
14 Mar New TV Room at John Kerry and sons
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Having decided to increase the size of our Tv display  we set about knocking walls Out ....  :)with the increased display space  we will be able to stock more Brands inc Samsung Panasonic and Mitchell and BrownWalls Knocked out plastering Done..
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