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Brand: AEG Model: BES255011M
Key featuresAdd Steam For Crispier BakingNew convection system 'Hot Air'Additional Heating RingTimer DisplayProduct DimensionsHeight: 59.4 cmWidth: 59.5 cmDepth: 56.7 cmThe AEG BES255011M is a built-in, multifunction oven with a large usable capacity of 71 litres. Choose from several cooking modes, ..
Brand: AEG Model: IKB64301XB
Key featuresInduction TechnologyAdjustable TimerClean as you Cook: Surface around the pan stays cool as you cookPowerBoost Button: Boils water in under 90 secondsThe item will need the following connection(s) ElectricProduct DimensionsHeight: 5 cmWidth: 57.6 cmDepth: 51.6 cmGet dinner on the table b..
Brand: AEG Model: L6WEJ841N
Key featuresWash and dry your wardrobe – including delicates and woollens – without the need to manually move between machines. A single-cycle mode can be applied to five programmes at the press of a button. For effortless, all-round care.Reduce wrinkles and refresh fabrics with the power of natural..
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